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The Central Coast Regional Show, scheduled for April 13th and 14th, 2024, promises to be an exciting event for families and enthusiasts alike. Held at the Gosford Showground in New South Wales, Australia, this annual extravaganza features a plethora of activities spanning competitions, displays, markets, live music, and delectable food offerings. 

With its diverse lineup including shows, activations, rides, inflatables, and the presence of adorable animals, the show guarantees ample entertainment for attendees of all ages.

Managed by Hart Events, the vendors and site logistics ensure a seamless experience for visitors, ensuring that the focus remains on enjoying the array of attractions and fostering a sense of community spirit.

For those seeking further information or interested in participating, inquiries can be directed to Hart Events, the organisers of the Central Coast Regional Show. 

They can be contacted via their website at or through their social media handles: @centralcoastregionalshow and @Hart.Events.

Whether it’s to inquire about vendor opportunities, event schedules, or general queries, the contact details provided offer a direct line of communication for anyone looking to engage with this exciting event.


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