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Patients who opt for cheap dental implants will end up compromising on quality to pay a lower cost. Dental implants are so effective and successful because they are well engineered prosthetics that require adequate planning before being placed by an experienced dental practitioner. Using a cheap dental implant negates any advantages you might have by using the implant procedure over other tooth replacement options. At DDII Gosford we prioritise quality over quantity, offering our patients sound dental advice and the highest quality dental prostheses.


The Cost Of Dental Implants Vs Other Tooth Replacements

Dental implants offer a permanent and unrivalled tooth replacement for patients with missing teeth. The fact that implants integrate with your jaw and become a part of it is what makes the procedure so effective.

A great deal of skill and planning goes into each dental implant treatment plan at DDII Gosford, because we know that well planned procedures minimise the chances of implant failure.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Worth The Investment?


Think about the important jobs that your teeth do: firstly they are responsible for grinding up the food that keeps you alive.

Secondly, they create facial fullness and harmony so you can face the world with confidence.

How Much Are You Prepared To Pay For Dental Comfort?

Unlike cheap dental implants, high quality implants that are placed by a qualified and experienced dental practitioner may last for the rest of your life – and that’s difficult to attach a price or value to.


Consider The Duration Of Your Treatment Plan


Would you want to do it again?

An average dental implant treatment plan can take 18 months to be completed. During this period you may have up to three surgical visits with your dentist. Each surgery requires a few weeks or months for you to heal adequately before you can move onto the next stage. The commitment and investment by you and your dentist is substantial. It is not a process that most patients would want to repeat on the same site because of cheap dental implants.


How Is The Cost Of Your Dental Implant Procedure Calculated?

Your treatment plan will be comprehensive and will include all professional fees, prostheses and post-surgical care. Once your dentist has created your treatment plan, he or she will detail the associated costs for each stage of the dental implant procedure.

You will see from your treatment plan that the cost of your dental implant is just one portion of the total cost. Compromising on quality in one area really makes very little sense.

In the event that you feel the price of the implant is too high, you could engage your practitioner to find out if there are other options available. And while there are different price ranges for implants, your dental practitioner will present you with options that offer you dental comfort and a suitable lifespan. Your dentist will have experience working with cheap dental implants and will encourage you to have an implant that works best for your circumstances.

Again, it is counter-intuitive to invest in a world class procedure with a qualified dental practitioner but only to have three years of wear because you chose cheap dental implants.


Do It Right The First Time

At DDII Gosford we pride ourselves on offering our patients the latest in digital dental implant technology. We do this because digital implants achieve great results for our patients. With careful planning, our patients can look forward to an efficient procedure with minimal side effects.


To find out more about the risk factors of cheap dental implants and why it pays to do it right the first time please contact us: (02) 4058 2836.