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While getting dental implants is a relatively simple process, it is still an invasive surgical procedure that requires proper aftercare to ensure the implant heals correctly.

To ensure your recovery goes smoothly, and to reduce the risk of infection and implant failure, follow these simple dental implant aftercare instructions. 

Dental Implant Aftercare Immediately After Placement


As the dental implant procedure is a multi-step process, you will need to take additional precautions after the implant is initially embedded to prevent infection. The first 48 hours are the most critical. Use these dental implant aftercare tips to minimize the risk of infection or discomfort.

  • Apply pressure

Keep firm pressure on the gauze pad for at least an hour immediately after surgery and avoid changing the pad unless you have excessive bleeding. 


  • Avoid disturbing the surgical site for the first 48 hours

You may brush your teeth gently with a soft bristle brush, but do not brush the wound. Do not rinse your mouth, use a straw, or smoke to prevent negative pressure from reopening the wound and potentially causing infection.


  • Limit your activity

Avoid heavy exercise and rest with your head slightly elevated to reduce swelling. You can expect some minor bleeding, bruising, swelling, and tenderness, which should subside after a week. There are several simple home remedies, such as applying an ice pack to your cheek for 15 minutes at a time, that you can use to minimize swelling and alleviate discomfort. 


  • Rinse with a saltwater solution

After the first 48 hours have passed, you rinse should your mouth with warm salt water or a medicated mouthwash 4-5 times per day, to minimize inflammation, prevent infection, and aid healing.


  • Change your diet

Keep well hydrated. You may also need to modify your diet to incorporate soft, nutrient-dense foods such as yogurt, avocado, soups, smoothies, eggs, and porridge. You should also avoid chewing directly on your implant. 


Get Quality Dental Implants At The Digital Dental Implant Institute

The right dental implant aftercare can increase the likelihood of a successful implant procedure, reduce the risk of infection, and help your mouth to heal faster. 

If you are considering dental implant surgery to restore your smile, call the Digital Dental Implant Institute on (02) 4058 2836 to learn more about the dental implant procedure and what to expect.

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