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In the majority of cases, dental implant procedures go smoothly and comfortably – but persistent dental implant pain is a sign you need to contact your dental practitioner. Today we’re going to take a look at when you can expect to feel dental implant pain as part of your recovery process, and when you need to seek medical assistance. A dentist that offers a free consultation prior to surgery can explain to you what to expect and what to do in case you experience persistent pain.



Understanding the Procedure on How Dental Implants Work

Essentially, a dental implant is a titanium screw that is embedded into your jaw, and it replaces your tooth roots. The procedure by which it is embedded is surgical. During the dental implant procedure an incision must be made into your gum, and holes must be drilled into your jaw.

Because of the nature of the procedure, some degree of dental implant pain or discomfort can be expected after dental implants, but it is generally mild and can be managed.

Your dentist will administer anaesthetic to numb the area, so you don’t feel the procedure, but due to the extent of work that is done, when the anaesthetic wears off you can expect to feel some sensations at the site of your implant.


What You Can Expect After Dental Implants Surgery

Once your implant has been placed and the area stitched up, you will be given some gauze to bite down on to manage the bleeding. You can change the gauze for a clean piece every 30 minutes or so.

Some light bleeding and bruising and swelling can be expected for up to three days after your surgery. Generally though these symptoms should improve rather than worsen, and any increased tenderness, pain or bleeding should be reported to your dentist immediately.

Some people take longer to heal and may feel some discomfort for up to ten days after their dental implant procedure.

One week after dental implant surgery

In the week after surgery it is completely normal to still experience some pain. Carry on following your dentist’s instructions for recovery for up to 10 days after dental implant surgery.


Two weeks after dental implant surgery

By this stage you should not experience any pain. If you do still have pain, you may have an infection and should contact your dentist immediately.

Three to four months after dental implant surgery

Pain that starts three to four months after your dental implants procedure could be attributed to a number of causes including poor blood supply to the implant, overloading on the implant, an allergic reaction, an autoimmune disease, tissue or nerve damage or your body’s rejection of the dental implant. This pain should be reported to your dentist straight away.


A year after dental implant surgery

If you experience pain a year or later after your dental implant procedure it could be caused by teeth grinding, smoking, an infection, lack of soft tissue or bone, and should be reported to your dental practitioner straight away.


Other Causes Of Implant Pain

Sometimes pain at the implant site can be caused by

  • A loose dental implant
  • A loose dental implant healing cap
  • Bone burn (when the heat of the dentist’s drill causes damage to the site)
  • Nerve damage


How To Manage Dental Implant Pain

Your dentist will likely prescribe you some painkillers to help you in the first few days after your dental implants surgery. Remember to take them only when needed, and to reduce your use as you get closer to the ten day mark. You do need to be able to compare how you feel on day 6,7 or 8 versus day one, and you need to be able to feel to do that.


Working with a skilled and experienced practitioner can help to minimise dental implant pain and ensure a smooth procedure. Contact us for an initial free consultation to get professional advice: (02) 4058 2836

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