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If you have missing teeth, you might feel embarrassed or find it impossible to eat your favourite food. Missing teeth can also cause bone loss in your jaw and increase the likelihood of losing more teeth. 

Dental implants are the only permanent replacement option, unlike dentures which must be replaced every five to seven years. At the Digital Dental Implant Institute, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced dental implant procedure available through digital dentistry. 

Our experienced team will guide you through the four dental implant procedure stages and will ensure you are comfortable throughout. After you have your dental implants, we will work with you to create a digital crown that perfectly matches your smile. Start your treatment by getting a free consultation at your local dental clinic.

Dental Implant Procedure and Stages

A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw that sits directly in your jawbone and acts as a natural tooth root. Our advanced digital technology means your dental implant procedure will be faster and cause less discomfort than traditional implant surgery. 


Stage 1: Initial Dental Consultation

The first of the dental implant procedure is your initial consultation. A dentist that offers free consultation will perform a thorough examination to ensure your mouth can support dental implants. They’ll check to see that you have sufficient bone density, no significant health issues, and that your gum tissue is healthy. 

Then, your dentist will perform a scan using our 3D digital scanning technology. This scan creates a precise virtual model of your mouth, which is vital for the final stage.


procedure dental implant stages gosford nswStage 2: Planning the Dental Implant

In this stage, we’ll use the model to determine the best surgical plan for you. Our planning includes avoiding sensitive areas of the mouth, including nerves and sinuses, and ensuring that placement is quick.


Stage 3: Printing the 3D Guide

After creating our plan, the next step is to print a 3D guide using the model of your mouth to ensure the exact placement of the DIO dental implants


Stage 4: Placing the Implant

The last of the dental implants stages is the surgery. We use computer-guided technology to ensure the dental implant procedure goes smoothly. To minimise your discomfort, we use a technique called “flapless surgery”, which means we won’t need to make an incision in your gums. Instead, we use advanced technology to place the dental implant directly into your bone. 

Flapless surgery is beneficial for the patient for several reasons. The surgery takes less time than a traditional dental implant procedure, and you’ll have a shorter healing process.

Before receiving your digital crown, the implant and your jawbone must fuse together in a process called osseointegration which can take three to six months. 


Digital Crown for Dental Implants

After you’ve received your dental implants, you’ll still have a gap. At DDII, we offer digital crowns that hook onto your dental implant and look just like a natural tooth.

Instead of a multi-day process involving several steps, our digital crown process uses digital dental technology to take an impression of your teeth. 

After ensuring your teeth are clean and free of plaque and decay, we will scan your mouth and create a 3D model. From this model, we can print your artificial tooth from a solid block of zirconium. In the same appointment, we’ll polish the digital crown and fit it to your mouth.  


Contact DDII Today

If you have missing teeth and want to replace them with state-of-the-art digital dental implants and crowns, call DDII today on (02) 4058 2836 and schedule your initial appointment for dental implant surgery. 

If you have any questions about the dental implant procedures or how our digital dental treatment works, we’re happy to guide you through the process. Get a free consultation near you today!


Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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