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Dental implants are undeniably the best option for replacing lost teeth. They’re durable and incredibly lifelike. Implants are easy to care for, and they’ll help keep your mouth healthy. The only issue is that like other dental procedures, dental implants cost a lot of money.

Catering to the demand for cheap dental implants, Bali dentists have been offering the service to Australian visitors.

Although reducing your dental implants cost sounds like a great idea, there are a few fundamental reasons to consider getting a free consultation at your local dental clinic, here in Australia for your implant procedure.


1. Getting Bali dental implants puts you at risk of infection.

In nations that are less developed than Australia, there are usually fewer laws that regulate the standards of dental and medical treatment. This condition means that seeking dental implant treatment in countries such as Indonesia could expose you to dangerous pathogens and poor sanitation if you fall into the hands of an unscrupulous care provider.

Dental tourism is pointless if cheap dental implants would cost you your health.


2. Cheap dental implants? You might get what you pay for.

If dental implants are advertised as extremely cheap, there may be a suspicious reason for it. Undergoing very affordable dental implant procedures, especially in foreign lands such as Bali, Indonesia, might mean that the implant dentist is not very experienced in the procedure. Or it could indicate that cheap dental implant materials may be used.

Remember that dental implants are high-quality and very valuable dental restorations. Dental implants cost thousands of dollars, and that’s perfectly normal, so “cheap” implants are likely to be substandard.

3. There’s limited legal recourse for foreigners if you’re not happy with the results.

What if you go to Bali to get your dental implants but are disappointed with how they come out?

Can you get a refund? Will the Bali implant dentist fix them free of charge or replace them at a discounted rate?

Possibly. But there is little guarantee that you will get such a good deal. If you aren’t a native citizen of the country you got your implants from, then the dentist may not be obligated to help you, and you’ll have few legal rights to seek compensation if something goes wrong.



4. The implants might be cheap, but everything else is not!

Even in a perfect scenario where you get cheap dental implants done by a wonderful Bali dentist and love your results, you’re still shelling out a huge lump of cash for the treatment.

Bali is a perfect holiday spot, but it isn’t home. Travelling abroad to a place like Bali for dental implants means paying out for the airfare, lodging, transportation, food, and other medical costs associated with your dental implant procedure.

You might get to Bali to visit an implant dentist and then discover that you first need a tooth extraction or bone grafting. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a booked a free consultation with your dentist locally prior to the surgery so that you would know the treatment plan? Perhaps your implant takes a long time to heal. Maybe you’ll be surprised to find that the implant procedure quote doesn’t include the cost of the implant crown restoration.

So if you’re wondering, “how much do dental implants cost in Bali,” the answer is: probably more than you think!


Why You Should Stay in Australia for Your Dental Implants

Instead of searching for the cheapest dentist for implants in NSW, you should be looking for the best one who will deliver the standard of care you deserve.

After all, your dental implants are a valuable investment that will stay with you for many years to come. You want them to be of the very best quality possible!

By staying close to home and avoiding Bali, you can reduce your dental implants cost, enjoy more conveniences while you recover, and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re having a safe dental implant procedure.


If you’d like a dentist that offers free consultation to discuss your concerns, contact Digital Dental Institute today. Speak with a local Gosford NSW implant dentist on (02) 4058 2836.

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