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Dental implants, which are also called “teeth implants” are a strong and long-lasting solution for people who have lost their teeth and tooth roots. People think of dental implants as the “gold standard” for replacing missing teeth because they are the only option that replaces both the tooth and the root.


If you need to replace a tooth, you might be wondering if tooth implants are worth your time and money. And for most people who want to replace missing teeth, the cost of an implant will be one of the most important factors to think about when deciding between dental implants and other more traditional ways to do so. 


On the other hand, dental implants are also a permanent way to replace missing teeth, which makes them a good choice for the long run. And a good investment for people who want to keep their teeth healthy and avoid future problems.


What is the definition of dental implants?



Dental implants are titanium “roots” that are inserted into the jawbone in the location of the missing tooth. Once incorporated into the jaw bone, it functions as an exact reproduction of the natural tooth root and can support crowns, bridges, or anchor full dentures.


Dental implants offer solid support for the crown because they bond to your jawbone. The implant’s surrounding bone grows over time, adding in further stabilization. Gums and bones must be healthy for this to happen, so practicing strict oral hygiene and going to the dentist on a regular basis are crucial.


What advantages can dental implants offer?


Long-term advantages of dental implants for a patient include many. Because of this, many patients select them over other options. Here are a few benefits of dental implants for patients:


  • Better look: No one wants to feel as though their teeth are impairing their appearance, and missing teeth may do just that. Dental implants give the option of covering lost teeth with porcelain crowns and bridges. Your smile and confidence both get better as a result.
  • Speech improvement: Some dentures move around and might be unpleasant, which can affect speech and cause you to mumble or slur words. When you have dental implants, your teeth are fixed in place so you can talk, sing, and laugh without a care in the world.
  • Easy chewing: For those who have dentures, sliding dentures may make chewing and eating challenging. Additionally, because of some difficult maneuvers, it may result in oral pain. Chewing, eating, and crunching are simple with dental implants since they function just like your natural teeth.


  • Improved lifespan and durability: Compared to removable dentures, crowns, and bridges, dental implants can be quite durable and may last many years with proper oral hygiene and maintenance. Due to easier access in between each tooth, they might also benefit in the long run to support improved oral health. Therefore, remember to brush and floss every day.



I cannot tolerate severe pain, can I take it?




Like any other surgery, some discomfort is expected. When needed, we also provide local anesthetic for those who need it. Our knowledgeable staff at DDII is trained and experienced to keep you calm and relaxed at all times as part of our commitment to making your procedure as painless as possible.

We provide cozy recliners with overhead televisions and noise-canceling headphones that you can use the entire procedure if you’re feeling a little anxious.


Future of dental implants at DDII



At DDII, we digitalise the dental implant procedure which brings the following benefits to our patients: 

  • Virtual impression taking means fewer retakes and less inconsistency. 
  • A more comfortable implant process with faster healing. 
  • Greater accuracy, which leads to a perfect bite (occlusion) and better long-term stability. 
  • Computer-guided technology means that implants can (in many cases) be placed into compromised jaw bone.


Contact us whether you’re ready for dental implants or if you simply want to talk about your possibilities.




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