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Missing teeth not only significantly affect your self-confidence; they can also impact your oral health. Gaps in your smile can cause your teeth to shift along the periodontal membrane, leading to misalignment. Missing teeth can also lead to bone tissue resorption, which can change your facial structure, giving you an aged appearance. 

While there are several treatments to replace missing teeth, only dental implants offer a permanent solution. However, many people baulk at the higher cost of implants and wonder, “How good are dental implants?” and whether they are worth the investment. Free consultation at your local dental clinic will help you and your dentist determine if tooth implants are the right choice for you.


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are comprised of a titanium metal post, a ball-shaped connector called an abutment, and a restoration, typically a crown or a bridge. The abutment is placed on the post to connect the restoration to the implant. 

At DDII, we use the state-of-the-art DIOnavi system and flapless guided dental implant surgery. This system requires no incisions, reducing surgical and recovery time, and provides more accurate placement. 


Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a host of benefits that other tooth replacements don’t, including: 


  • Long-lasting Design

Unlike other tooth replacements such as dentures and bridges, your dental implant doesn’t need to be replaced every few years. The titanium post is designed to last a lifetime, while the restoration can last for 15-25 years.

  • Easy Care and Maintenance

Dentures need special cleaning products to maintain their appearance and performance. Dental implants, on the other hand, can be brushed the same way as your natural teeth. The only modification you may need to make is when flossing. Speak to your dentist about which floss is best for dental implants or whether to invest in a Waterpik.

  • Convenient

Dental implants are constructed to withstand intense bite force without sustaining damage, which means you don’t need to change your diet. You can enjoy eating a variety of hard, crunchy, and chewy foods with no discomfort or damage to your implant. 


  • Strengthens Jawbone

A dental implant features threads along the post similar to a screw, allowing bone and soft tissue to bond easily with the titanium. This stimulates jawbone regeneration to slow and repair any resorption that has occurred. Stimulating bone growth forms a stable foundation for the crown while also preserving your facial structure. 


Dental Implants: Are They Worth It?

While dental implants have a higher upfront cost than other dental replacement options, their longevity, durability, and convenience make them a worthwhile long-term investment in your oral health. 

The cost of dental implant surgery depends on the number of teeth that need replacement, whether you need full-size or mini implants, and if you require any additional surgeries before implantation. 

Basic health insurance typically won’t cover the cost of a dental implant, and comprehensive policies may only cover part of the price under their Major Dental plan. However, if you schedule a free consultation with your dentist you might find that they’re offering flexible and affordable payment plans. 


Enjoy a Healthy Smile with The Digital Dental Implant Institute

If you have ever wondered, “How good are dental implants?” contact the team at The Digital Dental Institute at our Gosford or Sydney practices. At your consultation, we can determine whether you are a candidate for dental implant surgery and start you on your journey to a healthier smile. 

Call us on (02) 4058 2836 for a free consultation.



 Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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