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Dental technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Dentures and bridges were once the only tooth replacement options, but now dental implants and digital dentistry provide patients a way to restore the full function and appearance of their smiles.

Digital dental implants come with quicker and safer surgeries. The precision characteristic of digital surgery decreases recovery time and post-surgery discomfort. Learn more about how the innovative TRIOS intraoral scanner improves the dental implant process. Our team can explain more during your free consultation.


What is a TRIOS Intraoral Scanner?

The TRIOS scanning product is a handheld, 3D scanning device that allows dentists to make more accurate oral impressions.

The wireless scanner makes taking impressions before a dental implant surgery much more comfortable for patients. With the help of a scanner, your dentist can get the information necessary to make well-fitting implants in a matter of seconds, without messy and uncomfortable powder.

If your dentist uses this innovative impression technique, you’ll be able to see the digitised scan right after it’s taken. This can help your dentist better communicate the treatment options and procedure to you.


TRIOS Intraoral Scanner for Digital Dental Implants 

The innovative technology of an intraoral scanner fits perfectly into the procedure for digital dental implants

In general, digital dentistry is quicker and provides better results for patients.

The impressions created with the help of the TRIOS scanner are no exception.

After a comprehensive free consultation prior to your implant surgery, you and your dentist will decide upon a treatment plan.

Extractions and bone grafts, if necessary, will have to be performed before your dentist can use the TRIOS intraoral scanner to begin preparing for the implant procedure. 

When your dentist sends your dental impression off to a lab for crown fabrication, the resulting crowns are fabricated faster and more accurately than those made with a traditional impression. This means your dentist will likely have to perform fewer, if any, adjustments, so the rest of your implant procedure can continue smoothly.  

Digital dental implants are usually made with computer-guided, flapless techniques. The implant is placed where it can fuse with your jawbone and serve as artificial roots for your prosthetic tooth.

Next comes the abutment and crown, which can be placed on the same day in some cases. Other times, you’ll have to wait for the implant to fuse with your jawbone.


Benefits of Digital Dental Implants

Digital dentistry makes the incisions necessary for your implants as precise and focused as possible. This, in turn, results in faster healing and healthier smiles

The accuracy made possible by the TRIOS intraoral scanner helps your implant fit correctly into your mouth for a perfect bite and long-term security. 


Get Great Digital Dentistry

If you are in need of a tooth replacement solution, leverage modern technology with a digital dental procedure. 

Digital Dental Implant Institute is one of the leaders in digital dental implants placement in Australia. We can help you restore the look and function of your teeth more accurately, comfortably, safely, and quickly than traditional dental implant methods. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our procedures can enhance your life or book an appointment for an implant consultation for free.

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