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Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular with Australians looking to lower their dental implants costs, with Vietnam being one of the most sought-after destinations. At Digital Dental Implant Institute, we offer patients affordable, safe, and state of the art dental implants to replace missing teeth, so you don’t have to risk your oral health by undergoing dental implant surgery overseas. Schedule a free consultation at your local dental clinic before travelling outside the country.

While going overseas for dental treatment for cents on the dollar may seem like a great idea, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider travelling abroad for dental implant surgery. 


Your dentist may not know your full medical history

At home, your dentist has your full medical history and makes oral health decisions based on your overall health and the medications you are taking. During a free consultation, they can help you evaluate the lifestyle benefits of replacing your missing teeth. When undergoing treatment abroad, you are placing yourself at risk because your dentist does not have your past dental records or knowledge of how you react to certain drugs. 


There may be little or no regulation

Australian dentists are heavily regulated by the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, requiring adherence to stringent standards. If a dentist fits dental implants in Vietnam, you are potentially exposing yourself to a lack of hygiene, an unsterile environment, substandard products, and poorly executed treatment.  

A dental implant can take several months to heal, and if a complex surgery is completed in too little time, it compromises your oral health. 


You have no recourse

When you get dental implants in Vietnam or in any other country, you have no recourse if the surgery goes wrong.

In Australia, the Dental Board of Australia can take action against a dentist who does not meet the required standard, ensuring you receive the necessary remedial treatment.

You’ll be exposed to unfamiliar pathogens

Travelling overseas subjects you to different germs and bacteria. Undergoing a medical procedure increases your risk of exposure to drug-resistant bacteria. All surgical procedures carry risk, but in Australia, strict hygiene requirements ensure the dental practice and the dental equipment is sterile. 

Getting Dental Implants in Vietnam – Recovery may be challenging

While dental implant surgery to replace missing teeth has a high success rate, there is always the risk of complications, especially if carried out in an unregulated environment. 

If you travel to receive dental implants in Vietnam, language barriers can cause miscommunication in aftercare instructions leading to further recovery complications. Should you require an antibiotic to treat an infection, there is no guarantee you will be prescribed one. 

The CDC also warns against travelling post-surgery due to the risk of blood clots


Choose Digital Dental Implant Institute    

Missing teeth can have a severe impact on your overall health. While the cheaper option of obtaining dental implants in Vietnam may seem attractive, there are numerous practical difficulties to consider. An unregulated dentist’s subpar treatment could leave your teeth in worse condition than before surgery, adversely impacting your oral and overall health. 

At Digital Dental Implant Institute, we offer affordable dental implants in New South Wales. Our skilled and caring professionals provide thorough pre-surgery consultations, first-class dental care, and dedicated follow-up aftercare. 

For a free consultation near you, contact Digital Dental Implant Institute on (02) 4058 2836.

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